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Pushing North, with Landout Near Home

I’ve been flying a bit this year. I had a little adventure this week, which I’m posting. A couple weeks ago I flew a couple 3 hour flights in both the club Grob 103 and the Mini Nimbus (I do have tracks and video I might edit later).

I spend a bit of time narrating some of my decision processes as I was cruising. I did a new route here: I headed east to Rostraver about 15 miles out, and then headed north since I was clear of the circular “Class B” airspace surrounding Pittsburgh International. High, I got near Allegheny County Airport and got some great views of downtown Pittsburgh. My home base the whole time was Rostraver within easy glide. This was important because the terrain in that area is all city. There were also a few fields directly south if I had needed them.

I had launched late (mainly due to needing to rest in air conditioning and hydrate after rigging the aircraft in high heat/humidity) at 2:30pm. It got more and more difficult to climb as the day progressed. I arrived home to Bandel high enough that I decided a quick trip to Washington Co Airport would be a good idea. I was pretty wrong. I intercepted many cumulus clouds en-route, and found only sinking air and little/no lift. Given the altitude I lost on the trip and the weak lift when I did find it, I decided to just go ahead and land out rather than push a sketchy return home. So at about 5:00pm I snuck in ahead of a private jet and enjoyed watching TV in the FBO with air conditioning while the guys brought my trailer out to pick me up.

Thanks to all the PSA members that helped me get home!

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